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Please read Frequently Asked Questions , if you have doubts about Non Surgical Hair Replacement.

Hair replacement refers to various methods and techniques used to restore or replace lost hair, typically for individuals experiencing hair loss or baldness. These methods can include surgical procedures, non-surgical solutions, and cosmetic enhancements.
Individuals experiencing hair loss, thinning hair, or baldness due to factors such as genetics, aging, medical conditions, or trauma may be candidates for hair replacement. A consultation with a hair replacement specialist can determine the most suitable options based on the individual’s needs and goals.
Hair replacement options include surgical procedures like hair transplant surgery (FUT or FUE), non-surgical solutions such as custom hair systems (wigs, hairpieces), scalp micropigmentation (SMP), topical treatments (minoxidil, finasteride), and hair extensions.
Yes, modern hair replacement systems are designed to closely mimic the appearance of natural hair. Custom hair systems, in particular, are tailored to match the client’s hair color, texture, and style, providing a seamless and natural-looking result.
The permanence of hair replacement depends on the chosen method. Surgical procedures like hair transplant surgery can provide permanent results, while non-surgical options such as hair systems may require regular maintenance and replacement over time.
When performed by qualified professionals and using appropriate techniques, hair replacement procedures are generally safe. However, it’s essential to choose a reputable provider and follow post-treatment care instructions to minimize risks and achieve optimal results.
Hair replacement should not significantly impact your lifestyle. Many options, such as custom hair systems or SMP, allow for normal activities like swimming, exercising, and styling. Surgical procedures may involve a recovery period, during which certain activities may be restricted.

Proper care and maintenance are essential to prolong the lifespan and appearance of your hair replacement system. This may include regular washing, conditioning, styling, and adhering to any specific instructions provided by your hair replacement specialist. You may regulary visit VHBC Hair Replacement for Maintenance of your wig.

Yes, you can style your hair replacement system just like natural hair. Many systems allow for versatile styling options, including brushing, curling, straightening, and updos. Consult with your hair replacement specialist for specific styling recommendations.
Choosing the right hair replacement option depends on factors such as the cause and extent of your hair loss, your desired outcome, lifestyle preferences, and budget. A consultation with our qualified hair replacement expert can help you explore your options and make an informed decision.
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